Riding the Tiger

Riding the Tiger

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Are you prepared to influence change and guide your organization in today's ever-changing business environment? Riding the Tiger provides a rare opportunity to learn from a catastrophic event that shook the foundation of a thriving global organization. Learn innovative leadership techniques and ideas for fostering change that are essential for everyone in these challenging times. qRiding the Tiger is a roaring good read. Priscilla Nelson and Ed Cohen take us on an extraordinary adventure of organizational renewal. This timely book is filled with emotionally compelling stories, practical tools and techniques, and wise counsel learned from direct involvement in one of the most stunning cases ever of corporate demise and resurrection. This is a rare chronicle of resilience, initiative, learning, and recovery'. Buy this book now, read it immediately, and keep it within arm's reach. You will thank yoursell the next time you come face to face with adversity.q---JIM KOUZES Co-author of the bestsellinig The leadership Challenge Dean's Executive Professor of leadership Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University qThe ideal time to prepare for crisis is when you're not expecting one to occur. Priscilla Nelson and Ed Cohen describe in Riding the Tiger how leaders can take steps today to prepare themselves for a sustainable future.qTOM RATH Author of the= bestseller Strenthst Finder 2.0 qRiding the Tiger should be required reading for any leader facing a challenge. From an actual nightmare business scenario the authors have distilled leadership lessons that are not only indispensible during emergencies, but also enlightening and inspiring in any time. This book has the unmistakable stamp ol wisdom and authenticity. It will help leaders navigate through the bewildering labyrinth of crisis with greater poise and self-assurance.q ROGer NIERENBERG Creatorof The Music Paradigm Author of a Maestor:. A Surprising Story Abom Leading By Listening qIndia's Enuronq is what the media dubbed Satyam Computer Services after its founder and CEO resigned, having confessed to a massive accounting scandal that had been percolating for years. The global company and its 53, 000 employees were thrown into a whirlwind. Stock markets reeled, trading of Satyam's shares was suspended, and the government stepped in. Those connected to Satyam were shocked and left to pick up the pieces. Riding the Tiger is the true story of how people react, respond, and courageously lead in the most extreme conditions imaginable. The legendary learning culture at Satyam helped the company's leaders qtake that tiger by the tailq during those turbulent times. You will learn how to Riding the Tiger is your opportunity to prepare for any turbulence ---whether caused by the global recession, rapid growth, mergers and acquisitions, internal corruption, or any other changes. Throughout the book, you'll find guidelines, templates for planning, and proven leadership techniques. Whether you're a senior leader or just starting out, these lessons are invaluable; there is much to learn from those who have survived the worst as they guide you toward organizational renewal. Together, Priscilla Nelson and Ed Cohen created an impressive learning culture at Satyam Computer Services. They are your guides to developing a qleading through learningq plan for organizational renewal during turbulent times.This is a rare chronicle of resilience, initiative, learning, and recoverya#39;. Buy this book now, read it immediately, and keep it within arma#39;s reach. You will thank yoursell the next time you come face to face with adversity.

Title:Riding the Tiger
Author:Priscilla Nelson, Ed Cohen
Publisher:American Society for Training and Development - 2010


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