Riding with the Phoenix

Riding with the Phoenix

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This book contains several different levels of meaning, each with its own episodes of adventure, intrigue, and message. The levels of discourse also can be seen as various stages in the sojourn of the main character, Gregg, from simple consciousness to cosmic awareness. Several vehicles help Gregg reach his epiphanies, including dreams, meditation, coincidences, and two near-death experiences. A visit to Greece that included stops at the Delphic Oracles historic site and Agamemnon's tomb greatly expanded his perceptive abilities. While standing inside the beehive-shaped tomb, he felt he had been qslammed through a time warp to a new level of awareness, q which he would later describe as qholographic awareness.q The group dynamics revelation that he divined or rediscovered through intuition, dreams and meditation is certainly important enough in itself as it sheds light on many of the social ills of our day. But the real power and value of this book is that it demonstrates how one person can and does reach higher levels of awareness and being. Riding with the Phoenix provides fresh insights on and linkages to new research and understanding about human awareness. It serves as a metaphor for the increasing consciousness of the entire human species so necessary in these times of the augmenting and unresolved transboundary and transcultural dilemmas that we face.They did some fascinating things to make their study of the Roman Empire, a major topic in their social studies textbook, more active and fun. ... and their colleagues at the university in Rockton to have graduate students in guidance and counseling do the first ever diagnostic testing of his students. ... he entered first grade.

Title:Riding with the Phoenix
Author:George E. Monroe, Ph.D.
Publisher:Author House - 2014-08-22


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