Rig for Silent Running

Rig for Silent Running

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The perils of the Submarine Service could bring glory, or death, in equal measure for the aggressive commander and the men who fought with him. Rig For Silent Running follows Commander Dominic Tomassi as he and his crew fight their way across the Pacific in World War II. He gives chase to the Japanese, hunting their greatest oil tanker, as well as taking revenge for his country, and himself. His patrols take him from Australia, to the frigid North Pacific, to the very doorstep of Japan's home islands. His friendships, and loves, are brought to life for the reader, as well as every loss that haunts him. From the brink of death, to the triumph of great sinkings, Rig For Silent Running has the action and emotion to more than satisfy. Man your battle stations, and Rig For Silent Running!The repair crew did a great job with fixing those stern plane controls. No problems getting her down now. ... a€œThat silly M1 Carbine. I dona#39;t know how they expect us to repel boarders with a carbine.a€ a€œMaybe we can throw it at them, skipper.

Title:Rig for Silent Running
Author:Anthony Genualdi
Publisher:Anthony Genualdi - 2009-02


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