Right on Target

Right on Target

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Teaching a dog to follow a qtargetq is the best way to train both simple and complicated behaviors. Targeting is useful for everything from training the family dog to competitive obedience and agility. The detailed instructions in this book will deliver outstanding results!Save your back, work at a distance, or get tricky parts of the dog, such as the back feet, moving the way you want them to move. You'll learn how to train your dog to target your hand, a contact disk or a target stick, then utilize targets to build complex behaviors. Teaches you how to break down a behavior into easily trainable steps. Target training can be used for at-home manners, therapy dog work, canine sports, or to teach tricks. Targeting can help you get to your goal no matter what it is!Take a Break, Review Your Progress, Then Resume Make a plan for getting the dog from following a moving target one step, to following it 5-10 steps before touching it. Herea#39;s a hinta€”dona#39;t just gradually add more and more steps. Rememberanbsp;...

Title:Right on Target
Author:Mandy Book, Cheryl Smith
Publisher:Dogwise Publishing - 2006-02-01


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