Right Turn

Right Turn

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It wasn't so much a big blue machine that chugged its way across Ontario's political landscape in the spring of 1995 a€” it was more a big purple bulldozer driven by leader Mike harris and a new breed of Tories. Gone were the pinestripes and the cigar-chomping backroom boys of the forty-two years of Tory rule. These Tories were young, hip, and they were riding the wave of their Common Sense Revolution, a platform launched a year earlier. Still, there were only a few who thought the PCs stood a chance of winning the Ontario provincial election. Though Bob Rae's NDP government was foundering, Lyn McLeod and the Liberals were holding what looked like a steady two-to-one lead in the polls. Rlying on a combination of video tapes, clever advertising, and a brilliant campaign plan, the Harris team turned it all around, pulling off one of the most stunning upsets in Canadian political history. Right Turn tells the story.How the Tories Took Ontario Christina Blizzard. RIGHT TURN Make no mistake, the Tory victory was not some forty-day miracle. Mike Harris and his team worked for five years to reverse the political humiliation which the party had suffered inanbsp;...

Title:Right Turn
Author:Christina Blizzard
Publisher:Dundurn - 1995


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