Righteous Dopefiend

Righteous Dopefiend

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This powerful study immerses the reader in the world of homelessness and drug addiction in the contemporary United States. For over a decade Philippe Bourgois and Jeff Schonberg followed a social network of two dozen heroin injectors and crack smokers on the streets of San Francisco, accompanying them as they scrambled to generate income through burglary, panhandling, recycling, and day labor. Righteous Dopefiend interweaves stunning black-and-white photographs with vivid dialogue, detailed field notes, and critical theoretical analysis. Its gripping narrative develops a cast of characters around the themes of violence, race relations, sexuality, family trauma, embodied suffering, social inequality, and power relations. The result is a dispassionate chronicle of survival, loss, caring, and hope rooted in the addicts' determination to hang on for one more day and one more qfixq through a qmoral economy of sharingq that precariously balances mutual solidarity and interpersonal betrayal.They moved into a nonoperative Honda Civic lent to Carter by one of his cousins, who sold crack ... Wed 23: AT 2:00, Iwentto KFC were I surpost to fell out my paper work for my job and go for my orreatakison ... She plans tosellher firstallotment offood stamps to make adown paymentfor amethadone maintenance program:anbsp;...

Title:Righteous Dopefiend
Author:Philippe Bourgois, Jeffrey Schonberg
Publisher:Univ of California Press - 2009-05-29


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