Rings of Time

Rings of Time

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After her miraculous return from the dead and what that meant to those in power, Arina Sophia Meran, well known as professional model, social reformer, fundraiser, mystic, and homeless advocate, becomes the target of assassination and clandestine attempts to silence her truth and eliminate her life. Arina remembers through dreams and other parallel transcendental experiences while she was dead the life of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, a saint that should by birth have been a Roman Empress in the 13th century. She realizes that her present life is an opportunity to restore what was lost in the past including her memories, her mate, her own life giving talents, and her very regal place in the grand order of Life. The appearance of Elizabeth/Arina's soul mate further develops her intuitive ability to see through her lens of time. As their personal transformation and union evolve, so does everyone else that is fortunate enough to see or hear about her. The collective force of this charismatic wake coalesces into a right-relation, right government, nation-wide occupation that awakens people into democratic behavior and exposes the lies and false faith used to erase care and charity from humanity. Set in present day California and medieval German and Hungarian castles, England, and at the White House in Washington, D.C. Arina's manifestation of health and unexplainable phenomenon confirm the knowledge that secret forces fear: she is the re-Sourcement and the inspiration that will bring about long over-due personal and political changes. Will the once Goddess and present Arina ignite a revolution or will the hidden aristocracies of the world end her life?and reached into the inner pocket, pulling out an open wine bottle and took a swallow. He tipped the bottle once more and started into his next tirade, a€œListen all ye sinners. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life; no man can get to God but byanbsp;...

Title:Rings of Time
Author:Michael John
Publisher:Balboa Press - 2012-11


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