Risk Analysis and Human Behavior

Risk Analysis and Human Behavior

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The articles collected here are foundational contributions to integrating behavioural research and risk analysis. They include seminal articles on three essential challenges. One is ensuring effective two-way communication between technical experts and the lay public, so that risk analyses address lay concerns and provide useful information to people who need it. The second is ensuring that analyses make realistic assumptions about human behaviours that affect risk levels (e.g., how people use pharmaceuticals, operate equipment, or respond to evacuation orders). The third is ensuring that analyses recognize the strengths and weaknesses of expertsa€™ understanding, using expertsa€™ knowledge, while understanding its limits. The articles include overviews of the science, essays on the role of risk in society, and applications to domains as diverse as environment, medicine, terrorism, human rights, chemicals, pandemics, vaccination, HIV/AIDS, xenotransplantation, sexual assault, energy, and climate change. The work involves collaborations among scientists from many disciplines, working with practitioners to produce and convey the knowledge needed help people make better risk decisions.Manage yourself in ways that maximize your ability to implement selfa€” defense measures successfully Do not faint or pass out Assess attackera#39;s personality Reduce/ minimize assailanta#39;s propensity to rape Do crude, unfeminine things Make him see you as a ... Note: From a€œRape prevention: A typology of strategiesa€ by B. Fischhoff, L. Furby, and M. Morgan, 1987, journal ofInterpersonal Violence 2 , pp.

Title:Risk Analysis and Human Behavior
Author:Baruch Fischhoff
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-06-17


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