Road to Millionaireville

Road to Millionaireville

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In your personal journey to become a millionaire, your age and income are irrelevant, and the only obstacle between where you are now and where you could be is you. Let two lawyers who retired as millionaires in their thirties be your designated drivers and tour guides on the Road to Millionaireville. Journey to wealth and happiness by discovering unique financial wisdom and profound advice, which will change your view of finances and put you in the driver's seat. Road to Millionaireville-written by married lawyers who started with debt and zero assets and retired as millionaires after eleven years-will help you to: Identify self-destructive, qroad-killq spending habits Take charge of your life and discover your true financial goals regardless of what qspeed limitq signs (advisors, relatives, friends) may say Place financial myths in their proper qlanesq Evaluate living expenses that sabotage financial success, including home ownership, fashion, romance, cars, and entertainment Navigate financial qYield, q qDangerous Curves Ahead, q and qSpeed Bumpq signs Develop a spending and savings plan by learning what you want, so that qSpeed Strictly Enforcedq does not mean living frugally Keep your qgas tankq full by following a common-sense financial strategy Strap on your seatbelt for the ride of your life. Final destination Millionaireville!Assume three people were told that if theywalked or ran ten miles the following day, they would be given one million dollars. Not surprisingly, the ten mile stretch is the road to Millionaireville. The three people include a professional marathon runner, an aging baby boomer, and a college graduate. All three ... Further, not even a sprinter could run ten miles in forty-five minutes, as it is not humanly possible.

Title:Road to Millionaireville
Author:Summer Ariel, Ty Wolf
Publisher:iUniverse - 2005-06


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