Roadmap for the Assessment of Megaprojects (RAMP)

Roadmap for the Assessment of Megaprojects (RAMP)

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In the Middle East region, and mainly in the Arab countries, it is becoming a trend to carry out construction megaprojects in addition to middle sized ones. The complexity of different aspects of megaprojects, being of economic, social, political, or financial nature, emphasizes the need for a well-defined and comprehensive pre-project planning (PPP) process. This process is fundamental to avoid losses or future resulting menaces/ risks pertaining to the economy, environment, culture, or social bonding. Whether the client in question is public or private, the process has to be carried out. Although partially different for public projects than private, the need to fulfill this phase is inevitable. Owner/developer companies invest a lot of time, money, and effort in the PPP and feasibility analysis of a megaproject; yet, many of these projects are obscured during, or at the end of this phase for one reason or another. By examining a set of four recent Lebanese megaprojects, this thesis identified: 1) The criteria that owners typically use to make a final decision on the fate of their megaprojects, 2) the engineering practices that are used to increase the likelihood of a megaproject successfully passing the final go/no-go decision, and 3) the aspects that stand behind the obstruction or the delay of megaprojects. The collected data from the four megaprojects helped develop a roadmap for the assessment of megaprojects (RAMP). The RAMP includes seven tracks spanning legislative, urban planning, socio-political, technical, phasing, financial and economic, and management issues. It is a step-by-step tool that guides PPP professionals through an efficient, time-saving, and comprehensive PPP process. The final decision made at the end of the RAMP based on the previously attained decisions, each pertaining to a track of study. This will render the final decision more certain and considerate to all aspects of the megaproject.The collected data from the four megaprojects helped develop a roadmap for the assessment of megaprojects (RAMP).

Title:Roadmap for the Assessment of Megaprojects (RAMP)
Author:Rikaz Samir El-Bsat
Publisher: - 2010


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