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Some adventurous folks climb mountains, swim the English Channel, run the bulls at Pamplona, walk the Appalachian Trail, or sail around the world. Douglas Jewell found adventure through long-distance hitchhiking. This book chronicles three hitchhiking trips. Two coast to coast and back trips, in 1976 and 1994, lasted two months and covered 8, 000 miles apiece. The 1989-'90 journey to the U.S. Virgin Islands and back included hitchhiking by yacht and sailboat. Douglas' exploits have had amusing, even comical moments, mixed with heartwarming interactions with downhome people and nature. There were threatening incidents, too, including gun-packing rednecks, sailing through a Perfect Storm, and getting trapped in a mountainous box canyon. Through perseverance, this Baby Boomer wrapped good and bad into life-altering experiences. Standing with thumb out and backpack on his back, the array of interesting characters he encounters in his travels is an intriguing cross section of real life Americana. DOUGLAS JEWELL realized at an early age that he was not one to follow the crowd. The status quo would not do. Despite excelling in school, the thought of a traditional 9 to 5 corporate existence had no appeal. Thus, at age 20, the creation of 'The List'. The list was 10 things to accomplish in life - live in a North Woods cabin, Florida, California and the Caribbean, work on a dairy farm, experience an extended visit to Australia and India or China, hitchhike across America, start and own a business, and find a women who would be a kindred spirit, best friend, and companion to the end of their days. Eight of those goals have been realized. The basis of his life has been qA man has only two things in life - his word and his work.q His unshakable belief in that pledge has led him to adventures and accomplishments, as well as disappointment and hardships.With my life of 58 years now so much more complicated and structured, it looks like Australia and India/China arena#39;t going to happen. Besides ... below zero Fahrenheit. My various experiences have made me full of confidence in myself. I feel like I can do just about anything, the only restrictions being physical. You knowanbsp;...

Author:Douglas Jewell
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2009-03


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