Robboy's Pathology of the Female Reproductive Tract

Robboy's Pathology of the Female Reproductive Tract

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Thoroughly revised and updated to bring you state-of-the-art assistance in diagnosing pathologies of the female reproductive tract. It covers more than 1100 common, rare, benign, and malignant lesions, and tackles the questions so often asked and not answered elsewhere. All entities are illustrated by well-chosen photographs of outstanding quality. The updated text provides the latest advances in immunohistochemistry, molecular biology, and cytogenetics, as well as the most current concepts, classification and staging systems for all diseases and disorders of the female genital tract. qRoad mapsq at the beginning of each chapter help you navigate the book more quickly. Integrates histopathologic features with data from ancillary techniques such as immunohistochemistry and cytogenetics and discussions of the relevant clinical manifestations of gynecological diseases.Primary or recurrent molluscum contagiosum often complicates HIV disease, and lesions may have very atypical appearances including giant forms or ... The lesions are in most cases transient, but the virus may recur, persist, or enter a latent phase. ... HPV infections affecting the genital tract can be categorized as follows: a€c Those that produce warts on fully keratinized skin, i.e., common and plantar warts.

Title:Robboy's Pathology of the Female Reproductive Tract
Author:Stanley J. Robboy
Publisher:Elsevier Health Sciences - 2009


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