Robert Swartwood: Two Complete Novels (Legion & Man of Wax)

Robert Swartwood: Two Complete Novels (Legion & Man of Wax)

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From USA Today bestselling author Robert Swartwood, two top-notch thrillers filled with the authora€™s signature storytelling genius. LEGION A message courier pushed into the path of a train. A young woman commits a terrible act of violence. A family man puts a gun to his head. John Smith suspects these aren't random events a€” someone engineered them. But who a€” or what? And why is John Smith their next target? qLegion is an excellent thriller that does what most thrillers set out to do. Keep the readers hooked with a fast paced story, sprinkled heavily with jaw-dropping twists that end on a climax, which will leave the readers wanting more.q a€”Fantasy Book Critic MAN OF WAX Ben Anderson goes to bed Sunday night, lying next to his wife in the comfort and safety of their Pennsylvania family home, to wake up the next day in a rundown motel in California a€” alone. He doesn't know how he got there, he doesn't know where his family is, and written in dried blood on the bathroom door are the words LET THE GAME BEGIN. Soon Ben is contacted by Simon. Simon knows all there is to know about Ben, more than he cares to remember himself. If Ben wants to save himself and his family, he will have to do everything Simon says. As the game begins a€” with stakes much higher than either man can imagine a€” no one knows where it will lead or how it will end. Only one thing is for certain: this time the game will change everything. qMan of Wax grabs you by the throat in the first chapter and never lets go. A suspense-filled thrill ride with plenty of shocks along the way. Read it!q a€”F. Paul Wilson, New York Times bestselling author of the Repairman Jack novelsI normally dona#39;t like saying that, becauseit sounds too Hollywood, but quite honestly, this is how ita#39;sgoing to work.a€ Hepicks upthe briefcase ... a€œYou refuse to inject yourself, soI make you very uncomfortable before Iinject you. Asyou can see, theanbsp;...

Title:Robert Swartwood: Two Complete Novels (Legion & Man of Wax)
Author:Robert Swartwood
Publisher:RMS Press -


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