Robot Builder's Bonanza, Third Edition

Robot Builder's Bonanza, Third Edition

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The amateur robotics market is maturing every year There are even several companies that cater specifically to the hobbyist and educational market. With the advent of such organisations as FIRST and KISS robotics, it is the perfect time to release a new and clearly improved version of our powerhouse RBB. Key features Covers LEGO to legged robot construction plans to provide a scope from the raw beginner to the intermediate/advanced reader ALL projects are being revamped to be more usable, more customisable, and more visual -- with illustrations of the final product right at the beginning of the chapter Eliminates the outdated or qout of tuneq chapters that don't appeal to current robot audiences UNPRECEDENTED author duo -- literally the two grand masters of the robotic worldDC motor, 409 limitations, 408 modification instructions, 406a€“407 software, 408 testing, 407a€“408 warranty, voided, 409 ... (SMA), 458a€“463 Shelley, Mary, 3 shelving, 29a€“30 shiftout command, 209 short circuits in point-to-point wiring, 86a€“ 87 when ... 160 mini-ITX, 160 with network interface to stream video, 161 PC/104, 160 skeletal structures, 12 smoke detection, ... 193, 530 Sony Playstation controllers, 140 Sony Qiro, 653 Sony remote control packet, 267 sound, speed of, 617a€“618anbsp;...

Title:Robot Builder's Bonanza, Third Edition
Author:Gordon McComb, Myke Predko
Publisher:McGraw Hill Professional - 2006-03-10


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