Robots, Reasoning, and Reification

Robots, Reasoning, and Reification

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Explores the gulf between bottom-up and top-down approaches to autonomous robotics. This book develops the concepts of reification from biologically based premises, and also covers the development into the necessary components and structures that can be used to provide equivalent capabilities for intelligent robots.You know - the one that acts like the ones in the movies; the one that I just tell what to do, and it goes out and does it. ... We have many examples of small, simple systems that will (more or less) vacuum a floor, or mow a lawn, or pick up ... takes over the joystick, and looks through the low-resolution, narrow field of view camera of a perimeter-patrol security robot? ... we now have a long delay between taking an action and seeing the results (very long in the case of NASAa#39;s Mars rovers).

Title:Robots, Reasoning, and Reification
Author:James P. Gunderson, Louise F. Gunderson
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2008-12-17


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