Rock and Roll Cage Match

Rock and Roll Cage Match

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Music defines us. To return the favor, wea€™ll stick up with zealous passion for the performers and bands that we love . . . and heap aspersions and ridicule upon people who dare to place their allegiances above our own. In Rock and Roll Cage Match, todaya€™s leading cultural critics, humorists, music journalists, and musicians themselves take sides in thirty of the all-time juiciest a€œwhoa€™s bettera€ musical disputes. Marc Spitz on the Smiths vs. the Cure: a€œIf the Smiths are its James Dean, the Cure are the Marlon Brando of modern rock.a€ Gideon Yago on Nirvana vs. Metallica: a€œHere is why Nirvana will always be a better band than Metallica. Ita€™s not because they hit harder (they do). Ita€™s not because they are tighter (theya€™re definitely not). . . . Ita€™s because Metallica is fundamentally about respecting rulesa€”of metal, of production, of technicalitya€”and Nirvana is about breaking those rules down in the pursuit of innovation. Metallica was metal. Nirvana was something else.a€ TourAc on Michael Jackson vs. Prince: a€œ[Prince] was the wild son of Jimi, the younger brother of Rick James and Richard Pryor, the ultrasexual black Casanova who told you up front that he had a dirty mind . . . Michael held the opposite appeal. His music was often about escaping through dance or being hopeful about the world, and he came across as super-innocent.a€ Russ Meneve on Bruce Springsteen vs. Bon Jovi: a€œI really, truly mean it when I say, Mr. Springsteen, no disrespect . . . you are a legend. But in the Battle a da Jerz, when that thick chemical-waste smoke clears and the overly sprayed mall hair parts, the Jov man is the last man rockina€™.a€ Whitney Pastorek on Whitney Houston vs. Mariah Carey: a€œFrankly, dry recitations of figures are just too easily negated by simple things like, say, bringing up someonea€™s horrible taste in choosing movie roles. Watch, Ia€™ll do it right now: Yes, Mariah has seventeen number one singles, and Whitney only eleven. But Whitney made The Bodyguard, which is basically a classic, and Mariah starred in Glitter, a colossal suckfest of crapitude that should disqualify her on the spot.a€ From the Trade Paperback edition.Yet when they get those borders open, they let even more and more into the Radiohead diaspora; Kid A, Radioheada#39;s most diliicult album, entered the charts at number one. Coldplay, meanwhile, receive some positive notices but are just asanbsp;...

Title:Rock and Roll Cage Match
Author:Sean Manning
Publisher:Crown Archetype - 2008-08-26


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