Rock Grouting and Diaphragm Wall Construction

Rock Grouting and Diaphragm Wall Construction

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The foundation of structures and the construction of underground railways in urban areas would be impossible without the use of diaphragm walls, grouting, anchors, micropiles, slender retaining walls, etc. Based on the author's own experience and taking into account the findings of various other authors, this book explains these methods in an intelligible manner, enabling the reader to judge for himself their suitability in construction practice. The aim of the book is to instruct experts in the correct application of grouting methods, and the correct choice of drilling systems and tools. It provides mainly practical information, and describes the most suitable, up-to-date technology available. Grouting applications in Czechoslovakia and abroad are illustrated by a series of practical examples. The book is designed for students of civil engineering faculties specializing in structural foundation, specialists of building companies, and experts in structural foundation. It will also be appreciated by experts in underground railway and tunnel construction, in structural engineering and urban development (landslides), as well as by manufacturers of the respective technology.In some cases, the rock is drilled to a depth of 40 cm and a pipe is fixed into the borehole with cement mortar to allow the ... To make the construction of a multi- row curtain economical, weathered rock and the overburden beds must beanbsp;...

Title:Rock Grouting and Diaphragm Wall Construction
Author:J. Verfel
Publisher:Elsevier - 2012-12-02


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