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Kiara has Aspergera€™s syndrome, and ita€™s hard for her to make friends. So whenever her world doesna€™t make sensea€”which is oftena€”she relies on Mr. Internet for answers. But there are some questions he cana€™t answer, like why she always gets into trouble, and how do kids with Aspergera€™s syndrome make friends? Kiara has a difficult time with other kids. They taunt her and she fights back. Now shea€™s been kicked out of school. She wishes she could be like her hero Roguea€”a misunderstood X-Men mutant who used to hurt anyone she touched until she learned how to control her special power. When Chad moves in across the street, Kiara hopes that, for once, shea€™ll be able to make friendship stick. When she learns his secret, shea€™s so determined to keep Chad as a friend that she agrees not to tell. But being a true friend is more complicated than Mr. Internet could ever explain, and it might be just the thing that leads Kiara to find her own special power. In Rogue, author Lyn Miller-Lachmann celebrates everyonea€™s ability to discover and use whatever it is that makes them different.Youa#39;re supposed to be smart, a€ says a tall kid with a deep voice and a Spanish accent. Another ... A little boy at the back of the circle holds up a battered skateboard. a€œHey, will you ... a€œSure, a€ I say. And in my mind I make a checklist: Bike . Camera. Park. Friends. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to thank the many people who.

Author:Lyn Miller-Lachmann
Publisher:Penguin - 2013-05-16


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