Ronald Reagan's Leadership Lessons

Ronald Reagan's Leadership Lessons

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Ronald Reagan was a product of Americaa€™s heartland, a kid who had a Huck Finn childhood and never lost his aw-shucks, all-American optimism. He moved to Hollywood, became a minor film star, and got involved in politicsa€“at first on the left. But in the shadow of the 1950s anti-Communism furor, he moved to the right and began a steady rise to the pinnacle of power. Initially derided as a lightweight, a none-too-bright actor incapable of leading a nation, he proved his detractors wrong. Using extraordinary charm, conviction, communication skills, and stagecraft, Reagan became one of the most beloved, admired, and influential presidents in American history. Of all American presidents, few could match Ronald Wilson Reagan in the art of leadership. He knew America. Ronald came into office in 1980a€“when the national mood was glum and the future looked problematic (sound familiar?)a€“and he lifted the countrya€™s spirits on a wave of hope, purpose, and unabashed patriotism. In the years that followed, productivity and prosperitya€“at least for the upper and middle classesa€“increased at home, the Berlin Wall came down, and the Soviet Union collapsed, making America the de facto winner of the Cold War. Ronalda€™s policies played a part, of course, but it wasna€™t just his management style that captured the heart of America. He brought something intangible to the national stage, an innate optimism that simply made Americans feel better. New Word City, publishers of digital originals, contributes 10 percent of its profits to literacy causes.In preparation for a run for the White House, Ronald began writing a syndicated newspaper column, delivering a daily radio ... It was during this period that he coined his now famous 11th Commandment: a€œThou shall not speak ill of a fellow anbsp;...

Title:Ronald Reagan's Leadership Lessons
Author:New Word City
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2010-03-02


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