Ronda Rousey: The Biography

Ronda Rousey: The Biography

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Ronda Rousey a€” Olympic bronze medalist, UFC champion, and worlda€™s largest female pay-per-view draw... But it wasna€™t always that way. Once a shy, frustrated child, an outcast in school, a an unwelcome competitor in a male-dominated sport, walk along with Rousey as she pulls herself up from an unthinkable tragedy to become the UFCa€™s first female fighter a one of the greatest female athletes of our time. qIa€™ve been through so much that there isna€™t much left that can scare me. Ia€™ve felt the most pain that I could ever feel, and Ia€™ve felt the most pressure that I could feel and therea€™s nothing else left. And I believe that Ia€™m capable of doing anything.q -Ronda Rousey Review by thriller novelist Kerry J Donovan: Mr Demers is Ms Rousey's unofficial biographer and he does a fantastic job of bringing us close to a charismatic woman fighter at the peak of her physical powers. Mr Demers' relaxed and informative style is joy to read. He clearly respects and admires his subject and has spent a great deal of time researching this enigmatic superstar. From its opening pages where Mr Demers places Ronda's fighting life in an historical perspective, through to the end where he speculates about Ronda's future career, and the dark places in between, this is a great, informative piece of work. Matt Demers shows a deft touch in this excellent book and, like Ronda, pulls no punches. Whether you love women's extreme fighting or not, Mr Rousey's place as a sporting superstar cannot and should not be disregarded. This is an excellent read.Whether you love womena#39;s extreme fighting or not, Mr Rouseya#39;s place as a sporting superstar cannot and should not be disregarded. This is an excellent read.

Title:Ronda Rousey: The Biography
Author:Matt Demers
Publisher:Demers Publishing - 2013-06-05


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