Rosa's Paw-Paw Tree

Rosa's Paw-Paw Tree

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Whenever Rosa had a bellyache, she would feel better after her mother, Ena, gave her juice made from sweet Paw-Paw fruit that grew in a patch in front of their house in Barbados. But when a wicked obeah woman casts a spell that causes all of the island's Paw-Paw trees to die, Rosa's mother falls ill and is rushed to the hospital. Certain only Paw-Paw juice can heal her mother, Rosa sets out to grow a Paw-Paw tree with the power of her magical song. Set in Barbados, Rosa's Paw-Paw Tree weaves fantasy, island history, and a family's traditions, with an inspiring tale about a daughter's deep love for her mother. Rosa's Paw-Paw Tree includes educational illustrations featuring Plant Anatomy and Development. About The Author This is Simone Callender's second story in a series of children's books showcasing Barbadian culture. Simone's first book, self-published in 2007, is titled Abiola: The Little Boy With The Magic Fingers. It's a story for middle graders about a boy in Barbados who triumphed over obstacles to become a cricket champion. With her stories, Simone also hopes to promote cultural mobility beyond the Caribbean. About The Illustrator: Born in Barbados, Romeo Downer exhibited artistic talent in his early years and studied under renowned Caribbean artist, Carl Broodhagen. Later, he worked as a cartoonist and photographer for The Barbados Advocate newspaper. Now retired, Downer devotes his time to art and his goal is to show to the world the color, cadence and culture of the Caribbean. Visit Rosa's website for a free download of her Magical Paw-Paw song plus genuine island Paw-Paw recipes and other cool stuff. You can also order and download an Audio Book version of Rosa's Paw-Paw Tree. Go to www.rosaspawpawtree.comStep one a€” Buy a Paw~Paw from your nearby grocery store, cut it down the middle and scoop the seeds out. Step two a€” Take 2 scoops of seeds. Fill your pot with soil and plant the seeds one and a half inches deep. Fill your hole with soil.

Title:Rosa's Paw-Paw Tree
Author:Simone Callender
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2011-08


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