Rose Daughter

Rose Daughter

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Award-winning author Robin McKinley returns to one of our most enduring fairy tales to tell an enthralling story of love and redemption Once upon a time, a wealthy merchant had three daughters . . . and when the merchanta€™s business failed, he and his three daughters left their grand house in the city and moved to a tiny cottage buried deep in the countryside. The youngest daughter, Beauty, is fascinated by the long, thorny stems of an unknown plant that overwhelms the neglected cottage, and she tends it until, the following summer, its rich, fragrant flowers are the most glorious things the sisters have ever seen: roses. An old woman tells Beauty: a€œRoses are for love. Not . . . silly sweetheartsa€™ love but the love that makes you and keeps you whole. . . . Therea€™s an old folk-tale . . . there arena€™t many roses around any more because they need more love than people have to give a€™em . . . and the only thing thata€™ll stand in for love is magic, though it aina€™t as good.a€ Therea€™s no magic in the town of Longchance, but, the old woman adds, Beauty may not know that this is the result of a sorcerersa€™ battle that happened many years ago, a battle that left a monster, or perhaps a beast, in an enchanted palace somewhere in the deep forest . . . and a curse concerning a family of three sisters.The greenwitch had put no end to the spell; shecould not, for she wasdoing something she could not do, and it had done itself. ... a€œHe was a sorcerer; if hehad not been blinded by her beauty and his vanity, he might have seen what she was long ago. ... a€œHer he blasted where she sat, and there was no womanshape there anymore, but onlya pile of rosepetals. ... something like a womana€”for very many years, and the dreams they had, lyingin beautiful rooms ina grand house in a city, anbsp;...

Title:Rose Daughter
Author:Robin McKinley
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-11-18


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