Rough Waters

Rough Waters

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Michael grew up in a small town but always had his eye on something big. He wasna€™t sure what to do with his life until he joined the Navy and found his place in the world. It wasna€™t always easy. Being the newbie came with its downsides, but Michael was smart and learned fast and soon made his way up the ranks. Professionally, he falls in with Navy intelligence. He infiltrates China for secret information. He leads a successful mission to Vietnam and uncovers fraud within the officer ranks. He blocks missions and exposes black market thieving of government property. Still, Michaela€™s life is not all work and no play. In his personal life Michael struggles for years before finding true love. He travels extensively through Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. He lives a life of passion and excitement but always remembers the small town boy he once was. Michael is a man we all can relate to with dreams and the passion to follow them, even into the path of danger.She is easy to be around and uncomplicated, not like some of the girls who are always scheming. Bridget doesna#39;t ask ... converted into a dance hall with subdued lighting and a small movie theatre, whose promising atmosphere gave it the nickname; the Passion Pit. The dance floor ... After stepping on her toes a few times and losing the beat of the music, I blurt out, a€œI want to ask you something.a€ Her darkanbsp;...

Title:Rough Waters
Author:Doctor Jac
Publisher:Abbott Press - 2014-06-16


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