Ruff Way to Go

Ruff Way to Go

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Dog Therapist Allie Babcock is back...and she has a bone to pick with a killer... Alliea€™s dog therapy practice in Boulder, Colorado is thriving. Her divorcing neighbors, Edith and Trevor, hire Allie to decide which one gets custody of Shogun, their silky terrier. And another neighborhood pair, Cassandra and Paul, need help with a fostered Siberian husky and her puppies. Life seems to be ambling along quite nicely for Allie...until she finds Cassandraa€™s body sprawled on Editha€™s deck with a bloody paw print next to it a€“ and the silky terrier, Shogun, nowhere to be found. Who could possibly have murdered Cassandra? And where could little Shogun have run to? And even more curious, what really does make that old couple down the street so incredibly hostile? Not only is Allie in the doghouse with just about everyone she knows, the police are also hounding her...hard. Not one to rest on her heels, Allie unleashes her sleuthing skills and finds herself in one close and awfully uncomfortable encounter with a cold-hearted killer...Could she knowwhat her father was upto last night? Could he have been trying ... a€œWell, the new owners of KBXD are reviving her show.a€ a€œGreat. Ia#39;mglad to hear that. ... Today? This began to strike me as suspicious. It sounded as though Tracy was awfully eager tohave me on theshow, given thatshe merely wanted metotalk about general dog behavior tips. a€œIwonder why she didna#39;t call ... Iwonder if youcan watch forher carandtell meif she shows upthere soon.a€ a€œA beatup Galaxy 500?

Title:Ruff Way to Go
Author:Leslie O'Kane
Publisher:NYLA - 2000-02-01


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