Rumba Dance Encyclopedi

Rumba Dance Encyclopedi

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Kalif Brown is an inspiring basketball star, who has what it takes to make it to the NBA. He's a high school senior with big dreams. But his off the court lifestyle of drugs and guns, may land him in jail or dead. Growing up in a drug infested neighborhood filled with junkies, and criminals, doesn't make his situation any better. And like most young black men and women he's living in a single parent home with his mother. He doesn't have a father figure; therefore he turns to a local dealer to fill that image of a father. Kalif must make a choice. Will it be qHustling or Hoopingq? And he must make this decision fast because his dreams and life may depend on it. Many young inner city athletes and those not into sports, deal with the pressures of everyday life. And many find it hard to deal with especially if they don't have anyone to talk to. Hustling or Hooping may be a fictional book, but there is a Kalif Brown in every urban city in the U.S. Many young black men grow up fatherless, and turn to the streets for a family. The out come is usually negative. But many do make it out of their situations. This book is highly recommended for any young man, or woman who is growing up in a negative environment, and feels as though he or she cannot make that change for the good. This book can be a tool, to make that negative situation a positive one. But also this book reveals the consequences of not making that change for the better.Pirouette or Whirligig: (peer- WET, French for Whirl or Spin.) A Pirouette is a series of Ballet Singular-Spot, or danced separately Coupledance, Movements or Figures, Left or Right, Both Ladies and Men Perform Pirouettes, which are alsoanbsp;...

Title:Rumba Dance Encyclopedi
Author:Thomas L. Nelson
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2009-05


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