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One balmy Texas evening, widowed financier Ben Fosberg answers the door to two Homeland Security agents. From the minute he lets them in, his life spirals out of control. A businessman has been killed in a hit gone wrong and Ben's card is in the dead hitman's pocket. The agents have a thousand questions for which he has no answers, but the evidence is still piling up against him when a mysterious stranger, known as Pilgrim, snatches him away from the agents and sets them both on a dangerous journey. Pilgrim's boss has been abducted by a man to whom destroying Ben's life is merely a task for the day. Ben and Pilgrim flee across the US with a hoard of agents and killers on their trail. Ben is still mourning his wife, cruelly murdered two years ago on their honeymoon. He is about to get answers to his questions about Emily's death - but they won't be the ones he was expecting. As betrayal and danger dog them at every turn, Ben and Pilgrim have to uncover a deadly plan and save their own lives - before it's too late...The story described a brazen attack on an office rented by Homeland Security in downtown Austin. ... All three men were unidentified but, the paper suggested with a nod toward terror, were described as Arabic. ... Ia#39;m told that therea#39;s been increased cell phone chatter to make Homeland and FBI believe that terror organizations are ... We got a solid image of Mr. Nice Guya#39;s face from the security camera.

Author:Jeff Abbott
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-04-07


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