Runaway Heart

Runaway Heart

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As an Emmy Award winning writer, Stephen Cannell has created over 40 TV series, including The A-Team, The Greatest American Hero, and 21 Jump Street. He is also a New York Times Bestselling author. In Runaway Heart, Cannell combines cutting edge biotechnology and action-packed suspense in a new and stunningly original thriller set on the outer fringes of medical science . . . What would modern war be like if the front-line foot soldiers were not our sons and daughters, but genetically engineered animals with superhuman strength and speed, and just enough intelligence to understand commands and follow them blindly? This is exactly the weapon being developed at a base in the desert by a top-secret government agency. Attorney Herman Strockmire, a rumpled man with a very big but defective heart, champion of lost legal causes and the infuriating nemesis of giant corporate polluters, becomes involved when one of his employees is literally torn limb from limb by one of the experimental prototypes. At great personal risk, Herman , his beautiful daughter and law partner, Susan, and ex-LAPD detective, Jack Wirta, ignore all threats and plunge headlong into harm's way, finding themselves involved in a nightmare beyond anyone's wildest imagination... This science exists today. The future is now.They make him run, and kill, and work with their fire-sticks. Geegas are ... He looks down at it and finds the symbols on the keyboard. ... It does the Geega talk for him, but he has to concentrate for a minute to decide how to make the right talk.

Title:Runaway Heart
Author:Stephen J. Cannell
Publisher:Macmillan - 2009-08-23


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