Running Dog Maintenance

Running Dog Maintenance

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Lurchers and sighthounds have seen a huge rise in popularity over the past 40 years, and where once the lurcher was the shadowy, unseen tool of the poacher, it now enjoys a more legitimate role as a modern day pest control aid, as well as being valued as a companion and family pet. The pure sighthound breeds have always had their aficionados, whether as workers, pets or show and racing dogs; this book is written with all running dogs in mind, the term by which the author refers to lurchers and sighthounds alike in this book. Running dogs are athletes, which need committed care and understanding if they are to remain sound and healthy in their work, and the author has drawn upon her many yearsa€™ experience with working lurchers in order to compile a useful reference book for fellow owners. Written in a down to earth style this manual explains how to rear, feed and prepare the running dog for a healthy life, whether that involves strenuous work, competition or as a companion animal; how to avoid injury where possible and how to recognise specific types of injury when they do occur; how to treat them yourself and when to see the vet.Injuries to the stopper pad itself vary from knocking a bit of skin off the end of the pad, to serious cuts which occur where ... Look at just how much upwards bend the lower leg is subjected to when the dog turns and runs flat out: the stretch on the back of the wrist is tremendous, so complete ... Tendons and ligaments are what hold the whole muscular skeletal system together so just leaving a major tendonanbsp;...

Title:Running Dog Maintenance
Author:Penny Taylor
Publisher:Skycat Publications - 2012-10


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