Running for Her Life

Running for Her Life

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Secrets he didn't see coming almost got Jake Vernelli killed once. But he's dead certain that whatever pretty Tara Thompson is hiding is behind the frightening incidents threatening her. Unfortunately, Tara is determined to stay silent and safe without this temporary small-town police chief's help. So to win her trust, Jake must uncover her past, reveal her deepest fearsa€”and face his own wrenching mistakes. Now every false clue and unexpected setback is irresistibly drawing Jake and Tara together. And with nowhere left to run, the only way Jake can protect her against a relentless adversary means risking losing her for good.a€ba€œSurely there are resources, even in Wyattville, that can help him.a€ a€œThere are. But hea#39;s a proud man.a€ a€œBut yet hea#39;s letting you help him?a€ a€œOh, Ia#39;m not helping him. We have a deal.a€ a€œTara, the man can barely get around. What kind of help can he anbsp;...

Title:Running for Her Life
Author:Beverly Long
Publisher:Harlequin - 2012-10-30


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