Running Out Of Rain (Prime of Love: Book One)

Running Out Of Rain (Prime of Love: Book One)

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Eventually, all storms break for a little sunshine. Dr. Cynthia Ellender is devastated when her husband of thirty-three years dies from a sudden heart attack. A revelation at his funeral delivers a crushing blow to her self-esteem, and leaves her angry, edgy, and determined to leave Oklahoma for good. It turns out a move back to her hometown in south Louisiana is just the right prescription for the good doctor. John Michael Ferguson has weathered some serious storms in his fifty-three years. At sixteen he lost a sistera€”at thirty-nine, a wife. Now, in a room full of forget-me-nots, his mother loses a little more of herself to Alzheimer's each day. A chance meeting with a€œCyna€ has the semi-retired businessman considering vacating his spot on the widowera€™s bench. Armed with questionable advice from his wise-cracking, seventy-seven year old father, he dives head-first into the dating world with his old classmate. RUNNING OUT OF RAIN is a humorous, heart-warming, contemporary story that proves a relationship between two mature adults doesna€™t have to exclude romance . . . or searing passion . . . or the heart-thumping excitement of new love.a€œThata#39;s not what the people at the DMV say. ... Those assholes at the DMV dona#39;t know what the hell theya#39;re talking about. ... Even at 9:00 a.m., the day showed all the signs of the heat and humidity common to southwest Louisiana in mid-Spring.

Title:Running Out Of Rain (Prime of Love: Book One)
Author:Lori Leger
Publisher:Cajunflair Publishing - 2015-06-29


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