Running Through the Ages, 2d ed.

Running Through the Ages, 2d ed.

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Beginning with prehumans running down prey, this book describes how ancient, medieval and modern runners have come to run ever faster. Writers of antiquity left few detailed accounts of running but in the early 1800s detailed accounts of running feats and matches appeared in newspapers, journals and books. Nineteenth century pioneers like George Seward, Harry Hutchens, Walter George and Bernie Wefers are here given long-deserved recognition. The six-day Go-as-You-Please races of the 1870s and 1880s--featuring running's first great female performer, Amy Howard--are discussed. Twentieth century luminaries Helen Stephens, Jesse Owens, Paavo Nurmi, Emil Zatopek, Bob Hayes, Abebe Bikila and Joan Benoit-Samuelson are included, along with the Bunion Derby races of 1928-1929. New material for this revised and expanded second edition includes coverage of the 1970s running boom, women marathon pioneers, the impact of drugs on running, and the feats of 21st century runners such as Usain Bolt, Paula Radcliffe and Haile Gebrselassie.Peter Lovesey, a€œHarry Hutchens: Finest Sprinter of Them ALL? ... A. Shrubb, et al. , Training for Athletics: A Comprehensive Manual Dealing with All Branches of Sport (London: Health and ... P. S. Marshall, King of the Peds (Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse, 2008), p. 513 ... a€œA Pedestrian Walking Mad: Van Ness Retires from the Track to Practice Marksmanship on his Trainers, a€ New York Sun, March 4, 1879.

Title:Running Through the Ages, 2d ed.
Author:Edward S. Sears
Publisher:McFarland - 2015-06-08


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