Running Without a Soul

Running Without a Soul

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For more than three hundred years, the United States of America has been about becoming the greatest nation in the world. This book explores the happenings, events, personalities, and ideologies that have played a role in this transformation. Throughout these writings the author shares her perceptions of the goodness in America and the deterioration of the values and morals once held sacred. So where does the nation go from here? The answer to this dilemma rests with the children. Hope is in the blueprint of a unique and innovative school experience designed to counter the impact of these losses and strengthen the heart of a civilized nation. What happens in the early years determines to a great extent who a child becomes as an adult. A nation that surrenders the sacredness surrounding the lives of its children is destined to run without its soul. Running Without A Soul is more than a biographical memoir. It is a portrait of a once great nation whose moral compass is lost and at risk of leaving its soul behind in the gathering dust of time.We were proud to be Americans because to be an American meant to be strong and brave in times of turmoil. ... Occasionally he would throw negligible responsibilities to the wind and take the soldier to his desired destination. ... That was a time when people did what they needed to do to work together and to survive. ... in the one-room school, we stood erect before the stars and stripes, with hands over our hearts, to repeat the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America.

Title:Running Without a Soul
Author:Donna N. Miles
Publisher:FriesenPress - 2011-12-01


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