Rustbelt Fables

Rustbelt Fables

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This is the authora€™s third book, the first being a memoir of sorts and the second was in the genre of erotic fiction. It is a collection of thirteen short stories, all based on or inspired by the fables of Aesop. Although it would be impossible to either add to or detract from Aesopa€™s, the fables were starting points for stories mostly based in the mythical town of Rustbelt City. Apparently, as much wisdom is required for life in the American Midwest as in ancient Greece. And, just as in our own lives, there is a moral hidden somewhere in each of the stories. Unlike in the compilers of Aesopa€™s stories where the morals are handily given to us, wea€™ll have to ferret out the meaning for ourselves. Instead of anthills and agoras, the scenes shift from pagan Greece to pool halls and Fitzpatricka€™s tavern. Not so cleverly disguised are locales once dear to my heart in a grimy, industrial city that now exists only in my imagination.No, it was because it had more characters who hung out there. The cigar smoke ... There was no asking for your ID at the door, and ifyou didna#39;t cause trouble you could probably rent a table with your friends. There were several ... His arms were thin with translucent skin covering what may have been muscle one day, long years ago. One of the ... Make some of the same mistakes I did.a€ The young menanbsp;...

Title:Rustbelt Fables
Author:Isaac Hallenberg
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2008-08-21


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