Ruthless Beings: Trials of Virtue

Ruthless Beings: Trials of Virtue

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With the court trial looming, everyone is going through their own trials and tribulations in their attempts to help Amethyst through the process. Frustrated, misguided and overwhelmed, those around her are doing her more harm than good as they deal with their own issues and hope for a better future. Amethyst is forced to confront her past and learn more about her forgotten childhood, while attempting to grow and overcome her fears. With one solid ally and the others on the road to recovery, Amethyst has to take the stand in more ways than one and do whatever it takes to live the life she longs to live. No longer shackled by the media to the a€˜billionaire babya€™ tag, Amethyst learns about the power she possesses in her wealth and her connections, and begins to draw strength from those assets. The superficial hold that Mother had is becoming transparent and Amethyst may finally get what her father wanted her to have. This is the third book in the Ruthless Beings series.Nathan lay down on the ground and rolled over and looked at the sky. Adrian told him to do a sit up. Nathan sat up. Adrian told him it was wrong and showed him how to do a proper sit up. Nathan sighed. a€œNathan, do you really want to do this?

Title:Ruthless Beings: Trials of Virtue
Author:Ruth G Juliano
Publisher:R.Guthrie - 2015-05-26


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