Sacramento Latina

Sacramento Latina

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The one thing that we have in common always divides us, Dr. Consuelo Lopez, thought. Known by the inmates as qthat Latina forensic 'shrink'q at Folsom, she arrived with several personality classifiers in her briefcase. The Folsom Warden, Don Redling, and Detective Kendall, who guarded the correctional officer escorted Consuelo into anarchist, Lenny Carr's cell. Kendall explained to Lopez, qI didn't follow you here. I'm here on research.q qAt the same moment of my appointment?q Consuelo smirked as she and Kendall entered the cell, squeezing behind Redling. qI'm not going to leave you alone in here, q Kendall said, rolling his eyes in contempt at his colleague, Warden Redling. Carr had the circuit boards spread across the computer shell. qController failure.q He jabbered at the innards. qWatch those tools, q Redling specified. qWe count 'em.q qThe computer is a fetish, q Consuelo said. qWatch how Carr is magically influenced by the power of the fetish.q Carr was a convicted murderer. The jury judged him a cold-blooded killer. Consuelo wondered whether he felt any empathy, or would the many tests reveal that he is a sociopath without conscience? She turned on her camcorder. qLook into the camera, q she said. qI want that unblinking look in your eyes on video tape.q qSince when could you resist the power of the media, doctor?q Carr chuckled. q Too bad the power's down, the generator is sputtering, and soon you'll all be locked in here with me, Dr. Lopez.qMiguel stuck the small, round tracking device under the back seat and clicked the button. It gave off a pulsing signal. Marz fixed his gaze on his colleague, Millen and Consuelo until the car pulled up beside a shoddy, adult motel. ... Marz registered while the others waited in the back parking lot next to a vending machine.

Title:Sacramento Latina
Author:Anne Hart
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002


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