Sacred Sins

Sacred Sins

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New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts serves up a sizzling novel of explosive suspense and sensual romance as the search for a murderer ignites passion between a beautiful psychiatrist and the sexy, brooding detective determined to crack the case. In the unbearable heat of another sultry Washington, D.C., summer, a serial killer is on the loose. Dr. Tess Court, one of the capitala€™s most successful psychiatrists, wants nothing to do with the casea€”until the police convince her to lend a hand to the lead investigator, legendary ladiesa€™ man Detective Ben Paris. Scarred by his familya€™s history, Ben has even less use for shrinks than Tess has for hima€”but the forces of animal magnetism and a shared desire to catch the demented criminal known as a€œThe Priesta€ inexorably erode the walls theya€™ve built. Theya€™re opposites in so many ways, yet that seems only to fan the flames of attraction for which danger has supplied the spark. To stop a killer who thinks he can absolve sins through murder, Ben will need every ounce of psychological insight Tess can offer him. And shea€™ll need the help of a lawman willing to stare fear in the face if shea€™s going to avoid becoming the madmana€™s next victim.Kathleen was already lining a broiling pan with foil. ... a€œActually, it crossed my mind that I might be able to use what youa#39;re doing as an angle in a book. ... Cana#39;t you be told anything, see anything without thinking how you can use it in a book?

Title:Sacred Sins
Author:Nora Roberts
Publisher:Bantam - 2009-07-29


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