Sacred Space

Sacred Space

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In a culture where teenagers are growing up inundated with images, experiences, and media that moves and changes at the speed of light, it's no wonder many of them learn better when they're doing something-not only listening to someone talk to them. So rather than stand up front and only use words to teach about Jesus calling the disciples to be 'fishers of men, o why not provide an experience that incorporates the idea of fishing? Using simple things like an inflatable boat and goldfish crackers can turn the 'old storyo into something new that your students think of every time they snack on a goldfish cracker or see a boat. It turns the lesson into an experience. Sacred Space provides dozens of ideas to help students engage in scripture and apply the lesson to their own lives. Whether you're looking to teach a biblical theme, the life of Christ, or a gospel passage, or even when celebrating holidays, you'll find step-by-step instructions to create the space and experience necessary to draw your students into the story. Through art, listening, writing, and multi-sensory prayer stations, your students will experience God's Word in a whole new way. This is more than a toolbox for your ministry-it's a holistic way to approach teaching and communicating God's Word. Authors Dan Kimball and Lilly Lewin bring their years of experience developing these kinds of experiences in youth group settings and churches. In addition to worship experiences on the life of Christ, you'll find ideas for teaching on: The life of David Women of the Bible The Sermon on the Mount Justice The Gospel of Luke Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter And more Use these ideas in your typical gathering to enhance the teaching and musical worship, or develop these experiences into a special event, or a new, unique service without singing or teaching. Inside you'll find everything you need (except the actual supplies!) to create experiences that can transform the way your students encounter God, and help them engage in and learn from the Bible in more meaningful ways.This is more than a toolbox for your ministry-ita#39;s a holistic way to approach teaching and communicating Goda#39;s Word.

Title:Sacred Space
Author:Dan Kimball
Publisher:Zondervan - 2010-01-05


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