Safe for Democracy

Safe for Democracy

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A history of the CIA, told through an analysis of its contributions to U.S. policy and key historical events, describes its covert operations as they specifically supported the nation's global quest for democratic values and institutions, in an account that draws on three decades of research and discusses the president's and Congress's efforts to control CIA decisions. BOMC, History.The sheer bravado of proceeding with a predetermined course regardless of the situation was breathtaking. The attitude would later be reprised in the deliberations of George W. Busha#39;s administration in moving into the Iraq War in 2002-2003. ... If Gates thought that George in command of the clandestine service would fulfill the role he had delineated to the DCI, ... despite his reprimand for the contra psychological warfare manual, got the call to Costa Rica as station chief in San Jose.

Title:Safe for Democracy
Author:John Prados
Publisher:Ivan R Dee - 2006-01-01


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