Safe Skipper

Safe Skipper

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Whether out for an afternoon's sail or embarking on a long offshore passage, there is always an element of chance and uncertainty about being at sea. To be responsible for the wellbeing of both crew and vessel, a good skipper needs to know their limitations and ensure they are operating well within the margins of safety. Safe Skipper is a practical and thought provoking guide for yacht skippers of all levels of experience, full of invaluable advice and tips on how to reduce to the minimum the risks of mishaps and equipment failure at sea. There's a wide range of information on seamanship, preparation, seaworthiness, gear, boat handling, leadership, teamwork, watch keeping, communications, navigation, weather and emergency procedures, all delivered in a highly practical, lively, non-preachy fashion. Included throughout are useful checklists, box-outs and case studies of accidents and their causes, with survivors' testimonials and explanations of how disasters were avoided, or could have been, all of which provides valuable lessons for everyone who goes to sea.Keep a note in the log to monitor change in barometric pressure. a—‹ Learn how to observe cloud formations to forecast the weather. TIPS. p Onshore sea breezes develop as the land heats up during the day and cumulus clouds often form. Here , a good breeze is ... Crests do not break. breeze 3 Gentle 7a€“10 Large wavelets, crests begin to break. breeze Scattered white horses. ... Spray may affect visibility .

Title:Safe Skipper
Author:Simon Jollands, Rupert Holmes
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing - 2015-03-12


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