Safe Use of Chemicals

Safe Use of Chemicals

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Occupational workers frequently use, store, and dispose of toxic chemicals without knowing the possible consequences, both for the workplace and the environment. Improper use or misuse of chemical substances can result in health disorders, fatalities, or chemical disasters. Safe Use of Chemicals: A Practical Guide presents quick and comprehensive instruction to those who work with potentially dangerous substances and provides them with the information they need to avoid the hazards associated with handling these chemicals. Extensive Information on Numerous Substances Thoroughly referenced from a wide variety of sources, this book contains information on industrial solvents, pesticides, metals, air pollutants, toxic gases and drugs, as well as other substances. The information presented for each chemical substance is concise yet thorough and does not require advanced training to comprehend. For each chemical, the author provides the CAS number, IUPAC name, molecular formula, synonyms, uses and exposures, toxicity and health effects, exposure limits, and methods of proper storage and disposal. Tables and appendices are included where appropriate. T.S.S. Dikshith is a member of the World Health Organization (WHO) Task Group on Environmental Health Criteria Documents and the International Program on Chemical Safety and has worked in several laboratories in the United States, France, Germany, and Canada. By following the guidelines established in this text, those who work with chemical substances are able to minimize the risk of disaster and protect themselves and others from the toxic effects of the substances they deal with on a daily basis.A Practical Guide T.S.S. Dikshith. applications. Beryllium alloys are ... and for metal plating. It is used in alloys for soldering, brazing, and electrical contacts. Cadmium pigments and stabilizers are 88 Safe Use of Chemicals: A Practical Guide.

Title:Safe Use of Chemicals
Author:T.S.S. Dikshith
Publisher:CRC Press - 2008-08-21


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