Saga of the Nine: Five

Saga of the Nine: Five

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Obsessed with perfection, that is the dark world that Detective Inspector Vince Huck finds himself in. qWe are not curing anything, we are only treating. We aren't stitching up cancer, we are only bandaging it and soaking up the blood. But what if we could eradicate death like any other plague?q The Bale Act of 2030, passed and blessed the city of London with a compound known as Mio-P. However, only ninety-six percent of the population was cured from death while Huck, along with the remaining Four Percent, are left to be weeded out from the remaining residence of London. The month is December and the year is 2036, and the rising killer seeking to speed up the weeding process has Huck and the Four Percent fearing for their lives and the lives of those they cherish. The killer, aka qThe Perfectionistq, is not only attempting to cleanse the city by fire, but has one citizen in particular in his sites, Huck. The Perfectionist knows the Detective's past, and unfortunately that is more than Huck himself knows. Having no recollection of anything previous to the date of July 4, 2027, Huck is left with his wits to discover who The Perfectionist is before it's too late and the city is rid of all impurity. But to his horror, he is found in an investigation that stems from his amnesia and goes beyond the city of London. Bale Crowe, author of the Bale Act of 2030, creator of the compound Mio-P, and Prime Minister of Great Britain: he is The Perfectionista€”a eugenicist. While his brother, Harris Crowe, seeks to perfect the society of the United States with his Nine Judges, Bale seeks to perfect the individual with his compound: Mio-P. But it's not readya€”his dream to perfect is not perfect. The Four Percent, they are the flaws in his vision, and so Harris, having finally found value in his little brother's ambitions, he decides to lend aida€”a woman named Five. Five, of the Nine, formerly known as Leilah, she is what links the Nine to Bale's vision. She is the missing piece of what Bale is trying to achieve in London. In her blood is what will make Mio-P the purest compound ever seen by anyone in the human race. Rich and poor, pure and impure, life and death. The price of perfection is seen in this second novel of the dystopian saga, Saga of the Nine: Five. As you follow Huck in his investigation, carefully you will begin to see what it takes for the vision of the Nine to come to pass.Taking each step with extreme vigilance, Becky begins to make her descent down the aged stairs. Having memorized where each squeaky floor board is, she weaves back and forth in the stairwell as she approaches ground level. Once her foot ... Without waiting to see if the psycho is subdued properly, Becky tosses the mannequin head to the side, where it rolls to a stop at the foot of the stairs. The mananbsp;...

Title:Saga of the Nine: Five
Author:Mikey D. B.
Publisher:Mikey D. B. - 2015-02-28


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