Sage of Sare

Sage of Sare

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In a war of magic, no one escapes unscathed... Charged with murder, heresy, and treason, Athaya spent months imprisoned at a remote cloister, her magic painfully sealed inside her mind. While she waited for rescue, her allies kept her mission alivea€”if only barelya€”risking their lives to recruit wizards and train them at their secret camp. After Athayaa€™s escape, King Durek is desperate to stop her crusade before it gathers any more footing in Caithe. With a ruthless new ally at his side, Durek forms a Tribunal with one missiona€”seek out and destroy all Lorngeld and supporters. Still a more immediate danger threatens Athayaa€™s uprising. As Athayaa€™s followers multiply, supplies dwindle, leaving her camp vulnerable to Caithea€™s brutal winter. Her people face starvation and death, until aid comes from an unexpected sourcea€”a group of military wizards on the Isle of Sare. Their intervention could save Athayaa€™s rebellion...but at what cost?But there was no time to worry about that now; either the spell would work or it wouldna#39;t. She would ... Then, mixed into the images and sounds around her, came an unearthly shriek, and the ragged sounds of suffocation, a man gasping for air.

Title:Sage of Sare
Author:Julie Dean Smith
Publisher:Jabberwocky Literary Agency, Inc. - 2013-11-25


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