Sailing to the Far Horizon

Sailing to the Far Horizon

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The tall ship Sofia sank off New Zealanda€™s North Island in February 1982, stranding its crew on disabled life rafts for five days. They struggled to survive as any realistic hope of rescue dwindled. Just a few years earlier, Pamela Sisman Bitterman was a naAmve swabbie looking for adventure, signing on with a sailing co-operative taking this sixty-year-old, 123-foot, three-masted gaff-topsail schooner around the globe. The aged Baltic trader had been rescued from a wooden boat graveyard in Sweden and reincarnated as a floating commune in the 1960s. By the time Sofia went down, Bitterman had become an able seaman, promoted first to bosa€™un and then acting first mate, immersing herself in this life of a tall ship sailor, world traveler, and survivor.All salada€”another Varmit favoritea€”and even chocolate Easter eggs. And the first graders from a local elementary school write the Varmit lettersa€” a€œDear Varmit, Ia#39;m so sorry youa#39;re a sick sailor, a€ and the like. Then they come to visit, ... The children sing special songs and recite poems written for me. They take me on a tour ofanbsp;...

Title:Sailing to the Far Horizon
Author:Pamela Sisman Bitterman
Publisher:University of Wisconsin Pres - 2012-08-04


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