Saints Row - Characters in Saints Row

Saints Row - Characters in Saints Row

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Source: Wikia. Pages: 34. Chapters: Aisha, Anna, Blake, Bums, Carlos Mendoza, Charles Mueller, Crowd Control, Dane Vogel, Dexter Jackson, Donnie, Eric Gryphon, Feed Dogs, Helmers, Jaime, Jane Valderama, Jessica, Johnny Gat, Julius Little, Jyunichi, Katie, Kazuo Akuji, Laura, Legal Lee, Luz Avalos, Maero, Manuel Orejuela, Mark Gabby, Matt, Monica Hughes, Mr. Sunshine, Mr. Wong, Mr. Wong's Translator, Nick McGee, Pierce, Prostitutes, Ramon, Samson, Shaundi, Shogo Akuji, Stefan, Sykes, Tera Patrick, The General, The Protagonist, Tobias, Troy Bradshaw, Veteran Child, Wu. Excerpt: Aisha is a character in Saints Row and Saints Row 2. She is a famous RaB/hip-hop singer who hangs out with the 3rd Street Saints. Aisha was Stilwater's qlocal girl done good.q She had experienced a meteoric rise that had taken her from the slums of Saints Row to a promising career in the RaB music industry. Aisha released 2 CDs, qAvarice, q which was her debut album, and qThe Other Sixq which spawned three hit singles: qBounce Like My Checks, q qLeave The Hoq and qDon't Fuck Me Like I'm Your Wife.q Aisha was signed with Kingdom Come Records; a company that served as the public front for the Vice Kings. To her horror, she learned that the glamorous life isn't all that cracked up as it was supposed to be, as she related tales of extortion and manipulation to her sometime boyfriend, Johnny Gat, in the hope that he would somehow help her get out of the music business. Aisha's first appearance Johnny's plan was to fake Aisha's death, but in typical Gat fashion, his plan included destroying the Kingdom Come Records building with a car bomb. Aisha had a younger sister that the Protagonist rescued from a Vice King human trafficking plot presumably created by Tanya Winters to gain more workers for her brothel in Prawn Court. After her qdeath, q Benjamin King told Warren Williams to throw together a memorial box set, claiming that fans will qEat that shit up.q This box set was named qLazarus Gir...Source: Wikia.

Title:Saints Row - Characters in Saints Row
Author:Source: Wikia
Publisher:Books LLC, Wiki Series - 2011-10


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