Salagar the Grim

Salagar the Grim

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More than a year ago, Salagara€™s life changed forever when he stumbled onto his grandsirea€™s secret room filled with magical items, including a Dae-inspired dagger and a mysterious journal that launched a dangerous journey to find the legendary Dagora€™s axe. Unfortunately, now the axe is lost, and Constantine, the disloyal Priest of Dagnir, is dead. Salagar, an unlikely halfling hero, has no choice but to flee for his life. Accompanied by his best friend, Perry, and the fiery faery, Malina, Salagar makes his way to what he hopes is anonymity in the city of Haven. Instead, he discovers his lover and companion, Sasha, has been murdered. Now lost in a world of revenge, rogues, and coin, Salagar precariously teeters on the brink of insanity and deatha€”until the timely intervention of assassins sends him on a voyage replete with pirates, sea monsters, magical creatures, and gold to seek safety on the Spice Islands. As Salagara€™s journey spans the Fast Sea, he and his friends must find an oracle who possesses the knowledge needed to defeat the Dagor and their malevolent goddess, Dae. In this continuing saga, only time will tell if the heroes can secure the axe before the forces of evil find and release its power, forever changing the future of the world.The Piratea#39;s Gold Michael Egley ... t took us over an hour to make it to the basement and home, or what we called home at this point. ... We had escaped with three sacks of golden Reales, three small silken bags of gems, a gilded broadsword which I had ... a€œWhat are you thinking on doing with all this loot 57 Chapter Eight.

Title:Salagar the Grim
Author:Michael Egley
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-01-14


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