Sales Alchemy

Sales Alchemy

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Sales Alchemy is designed for business owners, employers, employees, business students and, for that matter, anyone looking to develop their understanding of business and interested in personal development and abilities to sell. This book is about developing or reminding you of your sales skills and to help you develop some really great business traits. For more we suggest you register with the site Zennyo.comTM and join a group that will give you what youa€™re looking for, at the very least join the group associated with this book (Sales Alchemy) to connect with others, learn more or share your own ideas and experiences. It is my belief that everyone in business needs to sell from time to time and if youa€™re a business leader selling skills are essential. Understanding how to sell, really well, will enhance your communication skills, grow your business and give you a means of earning a living for life. It will also earn you many friends along the way. Developing a business is part art and part science. Ita€™s about many individual skills working in unison together; ita€™s about taking new knowledge and manipulating it to fit your style and character, as well as the character of your business. Ita€™s about your willingness to take heed of others, learn the lessons, use their experiences in conjunction with yours and about learning from your mistakes. Better still learning from other peoplea€™s mistakes; that will save you time and money, of that I am sure. In this book we will look at many aspects of personal development in sales, to assist you in your journey through business, regardless of your level of experience or position, for some it will be an introduction for others a timely reminder. The book deals with selling from a holistic and consultative perspective, and most of its content, if applied, can assist in both business and private life and will give you all the information and techniques youa€™ll need to adapt your style, take on new habits to leverage your success, position and How. to. approach. referrals. First I have to have my little rant about referrals and why so many sales people dona#39;t value ... Once you get the reputation of someone who will refer, youa#39;ll start getting the same back, people will refer to you.

Title:Sales Alchemy
Author:Chris Batten
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2013-08-15


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