Sam Hughes

Sam Hughes

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This book is based on the public career of a highly controversial Canadian, Sam Hughes 1885a€“1916. He is one of the most colourful, even bizarre, figures in Canadian history. Though he died in 1921, his name can still conjure up controversy and not a little misunderstanding. His long careera€”in so many respects the quintessential story of a poor backwoods Ontario farm boy who made good by his own effortsa€”continues to exert a fascination that few other Canadian political figures could duplicate. Even though there has never been a major scholarly study of Sam Hughes, historians and other writers have developed definite opinions about him, and they are held nearly as vigorously as those of his contemporaries. These vary from insisting that Hughes was mentally unbalanced to proclaiming him a genius. Hughesa€™ defenders have rarely been professional historians. Neither side have not produced an extensive or definitive literature on Hughes in proportion to other figures of a similar public stature. Whatever side the studies have taken, the assessments are still incomplete because they have not examined the entirety of Sam Hughesa€™ public life. To a large extent these limitations have allowed the folk image of him to persist. But Hughes had fibre and substance beyond this. Since historical figures must be explained in terms of their environment, this study tries to redress the previous imbalances by examining Hughesa€™ public career. It is the only way his historical significance can be explained and reasonable judgments made.But many of his newly minted colonels who were raising local battalions were increasingly aware that there were serious ... Late in 1915 the Militia Minister let his old friend, William Price, raise a unit, the 204th in Quebeca#39;s Eastern Townships. ... His complaints to Hughesa#39; aide in February 1916 sum up many unit commandersa#39; frustrations and the Ministera#39;s inability to give recruiting some structure: I cananbsp;...

Title:Sam Hughes
Author:Ronald G. Haycock
Publisher:Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press - 1986-10-26


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