Samantha Hansen Has Rocks in Her Head

Samantha Hansen Has Rocks in Her Head

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Ten-year-old Samantha Hansen is a mad scientist. But not the crazy kinda€”she doesna€™t blow stuff up or mix potions or dissect bugs. She just loves sciencea€”especially rocksa€”and figuring out how the world around her works. But there are some things there just isna€™t a scientific answer for. Like, why cana€™t her bossy big sister keep her hands off Sama€™s rock collection? And why cana€™t Sam control her temper? There are some bigger questions, too, like why did her father have to die? And why wona€™t her mom talk about him anymore? When Sama€™s mom announces a family trip to the Grand Canyon, ita€™s a dream come true. But ita€™s also a challenge: If Sam cana€™t learn to calm down and ignore her irritating sister, shea€™s going to miss her chance to see one of the worlda€™s biggest rocks and maybe find the answers to some of her questions. Samantha Hansen Has Rocks in Her Head is a hilarious and touching debut that introduces an exuberant new character who studies the world around her as she discovers what is in her own heart. FaP level: Sa€œAnd now you want to get on Moma#39;s good side, so shea#39;ll let you go on the trip.a€ I nod again. ... Jen smiles a big smile. a€œWill you ... Jen is also an expert mixer- plugger-inner, and in no time she has my batter looking like the batter on the cake box.

Title:Samantha Hansen Has Rocks in Her Head
Author:Nancy Viau
Publisher:Abrams - 2013-06-03


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