Sanguine Affair

Sanguine Affair

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Every system that is designed haveq Pitfalls q meaning qTraps or hidden dangersq. Or they have qWeaknessq meaning qnot so strongq or qCan be easily brokenq. I call these Pitfalls and weakness qCracksq. The Department of Children and family Services developed a system designed to provide and protect the children under their care. It doesn't always work that way because some of the children fall through the cracks of this system into a life of distruction and even death. My Testimony tells what it's been like to live through mental, physical and sexual abuse, neglect, hunger, and deafness from a crippling Illness. While near death I was blessed with a visitation that followed me for the rest of my life, and provided me with a strong will to live. A visitation I believed came from the Lord Jesus Christ. After my mother's death I had to endure mental, verbal and physical abuse at the hands of family members who terrorized me with a paralyzing fear. As a young woman and the years that followed I also had to endure abuse but on a different level from so call professional white-collar workers who would exclude me from their social groups. I was cursed, mocked and laughed at because of my hearing disability. I was pushed to my limits in 1998 and found myself murdering fourteen people. Read along with me to share the tears of a motherless child. Feel my emotions, misery and pain. Share with me the demonstration of God's mercy. I pray that my testimony will open the eyes and ears of both young and old, to help them stand firm against evil to act on their faith and believe in their prayers. I praise and thank God for giving me this great honor to bare wittiness for his glory and hopefully reading this book will make that qblessed hopeq real in your life and don't let nobody take it away from you.If I did not find the panel before the alarm sounded, I would try to find the horn. The noise would not carry very far in the howling wind and I should have lots of time to disable it. After cutting the phone wire, I went to the window in the side of theanbsp;...

Title:Sanguine Affair
Author:Giovanni Andreazzi
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2008-07


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