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Sometimes we may find we are immersed in Evil and even the best that we can do simply isn't good enough. For at every turn we find that there is simply no good choice, only ones that get us deeper and deeper into the darkness. Evil can be found in a twisting of our mental processes through situation or disease in the actual formation of our thoughts. This short story is about qSarahq who has Alzheimer's. Her family loves her. But sometimes that's just not enough. We may find at times, in choosing the best option available to us, that we have chosen to be Evil while not even knowing our decision was based upon faulty information. And so we find that we are doing Evil with no Evil desire or ill intent; perhaps even directing it against our most dearly beloved ones. Sometimes love itself makes us do Evil things out of pain or fear of losing that loved one, as becomes quite evident in an included short story called, qThe Fallq.a#39;Tension builds the libido, a#39; he thought, a#39;and my libido is plenty built up.a#39; He started to think about the night before. He had finally gotten Terri to relax. It only took a bottle of wine, her favorite music, some nice lighting, and some sensual smells;anbsp;...

Author:JZ Murdock
Publisher:JZ Murdock - 2012-11-09


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